Personal Training

All of my Personal Training services include the following:

It is very important for me to sit down with you and go over goals, concerns and your medical background. This way I know what your journey is about, and how I can make this a very personal fit for you.

Functional Movement Screening
This assessment will measure where your stability, mobility and movement patterns lie, so I can identify any imbalances that might require specific attention.

Bike Test
My bike test will reveal your cardio-vascular and leg strength, and form a baseline from which we can measure and view improvements as you improve your fitness level.

Body Fat Measurements
Caliper body fat measurements will provide a baseline percentile of your body composition. Follow-up measurements 12weeks later will reveal your progress and what you have accomplished.

Your Program
Only once I have completed the consultation, testing, and I have an understanding of your goals and concerns can I build a program specific to YOU, that will help you meet your fitness goals. Our typical training session is 60 minutes long. Your program will also include follow up emails, texts or calls between sessions to provide the support you need to ensure you are successful with your program.