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Training 4 Life has produced a series of DVD's designed to allow you to take Carrie Light and the Training 4 Life workouts home with you.

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Carrie Light: Langley Personal Trainer

Carrie-Light-Langley-Personal-TrainerTraining built 4 you

My name is Carrie Light, an NHL trainer, hockey trainer, and Langley fitness expert. I've put this website together just 4 YOU! Training 4 Life is all about you and what you need and want to reach your physical fitness goals:

bullet1I have trained hundreds of clients and encouraged them all to dig deep inside to achieve what they really want for themselves.

bullet1My team of trained fitness professionals work together to bring out the best in you so that you always feel a sense of accomplishment.

bullet1If you are an athlete, you have come to the right place. We will optimize strengths and learn new ways to conquer weaknesses to create the most powerful version of YOU.

It doesn't matter what your athletic or physical fitness level. After one work out you will feel the difference a great personal trainer makes.

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Your Trainer

Carrie doing core training with free weightsCarrie Light was born into the fitness and hockey training business. Her inspiration to help others with their fitness goals came first from her own mom who at 71 years young is still teaching...More...

Your Program

Carrie doing core training with squat liftsThe optimal word here is “your”. As a long time Langley personal trainer, we know that each of us is absolutely unique and unlimited in terms of variables of strength, endurance...More...

Your Facility

Carrie and her staff riding exercise bikesMeet our Training 4 Life team at our fully equipped sports and NHL training specific gym located in North Langley, just minutes from the freeway. Or arrange for private training in your home gym...More...